9 October 2020

New paper out!

The MAIA-youth is now availabe! This paper validates the  Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness in  youth aged 7–17 years.

To download the MAIA-y questionnaire and scoring sheet, see Appendix of the paper, free to download here.

Jones, A., Silas, J., Todd, J., Stewart, A., Acree, M., Coulson, M., & Mehling, W. E. (2020). Exploring the Multidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness in youth aged 7–17 years. Journal of Clinical Psychology.

To download any of the other versions of the MAIA, please see Osher Centre website


02 October 2020

We recently were given permission to start testing again after the pandemic shut us down.

You can read our risk reduction protocol here.


01 February 2020

New equipment and new space!

We have recently upgraded equipment and the testing facilities. For example two new dedicated testing booths, a new 64 electrode ActiChamp system, a new LiveAmp system with R-Nets caps (Brain Products), Chronos (Psychology software tools), new licenses etc etc.

Very exciting!


02 May  2019

New paper out in Neuroscience Letters

Silas, J., Tipple A., and Jones A. (2019). Event-related alpha desynchronization in touch – comparing attention and perception, Neuroscience Letters, 705, 131-137.

Free download for first 50 days, click here


16 April 2019

EEG training workshop – 20-21 June

We will be running a two-day EEG training workshop on 20-21 June (£700 per attendee). This workshop is aimed for those with little or no previous background in EEG research.

It will cover some theory but mainly hands on training on how to design a study, collect and analyse EEG data and present the findings.

Get in touch for more information.


04 December 2018


We (Emma, Alex and Jon) were just awarded €48,000 to study the effects of timing and rhythms on recognition memory!


04 October 2018

New term – new lab members!! We have a lot of new exciting projects going this year. See the About us page for the current team. Lab meetings every Wednesday at 1pm


26 September 2018

New paper from the lab published in Cognition!

Jones, A. (2019). Temporal expectancies and rhythmic cueing in touch: The influence of spatial attention. Cognition182, 140-150.

Use this link for a free copy (first 50 days only)


26 July 2018

Paper in principle accepted in Cortex!

Jones, Yarrow and Silas (2018). Are alpha oscillations generated by the somatosensory cortex involved in tactile attention? A registered report using transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS)

We have, finally, had our pre-registered report in principle accepted (IPA) in the jounral Cortex. This means, we now need to collect data and the paper will be published regardless of the results.

To see the paper, Introduction and methods (results and discussion obviously not available yet), have a look here

We have also uploaded supporting materials, including reviewers comments. All which may be useful if you are thinking of doing a pre-registered report yourself.


July 2018

Moving the lab

It took us a bit longer than expected but we have moved the lab to the room next door.  Jon sorted the wires, Tony did the heavy lifting, and Alex mainly drank tea.


June 2018

MAIA version 2. 

Based on the data collected at the Science Museum London in the autumn, we have together with collaborators at University California, San Francisco, submitted an updated version of the MAIA questionnaire.

Have a look here for more info


27 November 2017

As part of a collaboration with Tomsk State University, ICN, UCL, Goldsmith, Hôpital de la Salpêtrière ICM, Sorbonne Universities, King’s College London, and Middlesex – work was presented in Warsaw over the weekend at the Aspects of Neuroscience conference by Lisa.

Bezrukova, E., Zaleshin, M., Naletova, N., Ryabinin, A., Butterworth, B., Jones, A., Kovas, Y., Karolis, V. Training cognitive processes underlying mental arithmetic: an EEG study. Poster presented at the Annual ‘Aspects of Neuroscience’ conference, Warsaw, Poland 24-26th Nov. 2017.


20 November 2017

And we are done! Our six week residency at the Science museum is finished. We aimed to get in the region of 800-1000 participants but ended with 1870 visitors taking part! Thanks to all who did, now we have a lot of data to go through.


03 November 2017

We rearch 1000 participants at the science museum! Over 1000 visitors have now participated in our project. Two weeks to go. A video of our project is now also live.


30 October 2017

Alex attended the 1st annual Timing research Forum (TRF) conference in Strasbourg in October. The conference presentations can be found here.


13 October 2017

We have successfully launched our project at the science museum. Two days of testing and we have collected data from about 150 visitors! If we keep this up we will have over 1000 participants at the end of our residency! We are at the museum Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays until 18th November!


14 September 2017

We are pleased to welcome Anthony Tipple as our new RA in the lab who will be taking over from Jack. Jack will start a PhD position at Goldsmiths, so good luck jack and welcome Tony!


01 August 2017

We are currently running two EEG studies investigating peak alpha frequencies. Jack is busy testing. If you want to participate, let Jack know (


29 July 2017

We’ve set up a new lab web page!!! But suppose not news if you are reading this…


17 May 2017

Article published in the journal NeuroImage

Jones, A,. Hsu Y-F., Granjon, L. and Waszak F. (2017) Temporal expectancies driven by self- and externally generated rhythms, NeuroImage, 156, 352-362.