The Jones & Silas Lab are a group of researchers at the University of Middlesex, Psychology department, whose primary interests are in the field of cognitive neuroscience.

Dr Alexander Jones has an interest in attentional processes primarily in the somatosensory domain and has expertise in Electroencephalography (EEG).

Dr Jonathan Silas has an interest in action observation and olfaction and has an expertise in EEG and brain stimulation techniques (TMS, tACS, tDCS).

The team…


dr-emma-ward-e1574213841774.jpg me Alexander_Jones3
Dr Emma Ward Dr Jon Silas Dr Alex Jones

Current research students, interns and assistants


IMG_3180 img_3415.jpg IMG_3179

Wayne Anderson

(MSc by Research in Cognitive Neuroscience)

Maciej Malinowski

(MSc by Research in Cognitive Neuroscience)

Petter Moller

(MSc by Research in Cognitive Neuroscience)

Nikki_Lloyd_7618_1000 2019-11-21_101843 img_3413-e1575416711602.jpg

 Nicola Lloyd

(MSc by Research in Cognitive Neuroscience) 

Maryam Al-Abdulla

(PhD Memory and Ageing)

Lola Zao-Sanders

(MSc Psychology)

IMG_20190805_110022_984 IMG_3181 20200213_133431 (1)

Katrin Himmerich       

(BSc Psychology with Neuroscience 3rd Year Dissertation)

Nimat Ahmed

(BSc Psychology with Neuroscience, Research Intern)

 Serkan Avlik

(MSc Research in Clinical Psychology, Research Intern)


Former Lab members

Themis Efthimiou (MSc by Research in Cognitive Neuroscience)

Jack Moore (RA)

Joanna Szymczak (Dissertation project student & RA)

Enida Csiszer (Dissertation project student & RA)

Berivan Oztas (Dissertation project student)

Anthony Tipple (PhD student & RA)

Oriane Chene (intern, MSc Biosciences, ENS de Lyon)